Our deep cleaning checklist includes all the services performed during Residential cleanings, plus the following:

  • Clean tops of kitchen cabinets
  • Clean inside and outside of Fridge
  • Clean Interior and exterior of all cabinets
  • Wet wipe all exposed baseboards
  • Vacuum all wall, ceiling & exhaust vents
  • Wet wipe door moldings, trim & locks
  • Edge carpets with crevice tool
  • Move and vacuum under easily movable furniture
  • All wall hangings cleaned
  • Remove all cobwebs and thorough dusting
  • Steam Mop flooring
  • General dusting of blinds 
  • Cleaning Window seals and interior Windows
  • Wet wipe ceiling fans & light fixtures

* High surfaces and fixtures must be reachable with a 3-foot step ladder. We will not remove any large or delicate light covers or wall hangings due to the risk of breakage.

Every Clean can be Customized to your Needs.